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Moena and surroundings

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Moena, also quite rightly known as “The Fairy of the Dolomites” and located in a truly fascinating and sunny basin, is the gateway into the Val di Fassa. The beauty of this marvellous town lies in its green lawns. But in winter, and thanks to thick surrounding woods, it is possible to admire it amid snow-blanketed fields, a unique magnificent fairytale scene. The San Pellegrino pass is a tourist resort in itself offering hotels and skiing facilities, and it is linked to Moena and Veneto (Falcade-Belluno-Venice). Moena is the most populated town in Val di Fassa and borders Val di Fiemme. The town is divided into quarters- Ciaséole, probably the oldest one, and Turchia, the most recent. Peniola, Forno, Medil, Sorte and Someda are Moena’s frazioni (subdivisions). Alpe di Lusia (Lusia Alps), that forms part of the Trevalli ski runs, is Moena’s ski area. Moena offers a wide range of options for tourists with its many Hotels. The town is 1184m above sea level and has a population of 2,604 inhabitants.

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