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Pozza di Fassa and surroundings

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Pozza di Fassa

Pozza di Fassa, a municipality in the province of Trento, with a population of about 1,700 inhabitants, lies near the Monzoni mountain range and its economy is mainly based on tourism. The town offers its visitors a marvellous alpine landscape which attracts many holidaymakers coming from all over Italy and abroad. Pozza di Fassa is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape which is particularly appreciated by visitors for the peculiar geological configuration of the "monzoniti" rocks, that can be found only in this part of the Dolomites. Thanks to the uniqueness of the alpine scenery, Pozza di Fassa is one of the favourite tourist destinations and offers its visitors a wide choice of accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, guest-houses and bed-and-breakfasts. Not far from the town, there many interesting places to visit such as the unspoilt Vajolet Valley, the luxuriant Buffaure Plain and the marvellous Church of San Lorenzo located at Pera di Fassa.

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