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Terme di Comano and surroundings

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Terme di Comano

Comano Terme is a famous termal bath in the Giudicarie's Valley in the province of Trento and is situated at the foot of the Dolomites Mountains, where the Cassarote and Vedeggio rivers meet and merge their waters.

Terme di Comano was famous since Roman times for skin care and characterizes the area now defined as the plateau of prosperity.

Between the history and the suggestion of Giudicarie's Valleys, within walking distance of numerous hotels of Comano Terme, you can also find beautiful castles like Castello di Stenico and Castel Campo (whose splendor was translated in verse by the poet Ada Negri).

Those who love green will be fine in the hotel of Comano, since it is a beautiful park nearby, with a relaxing habitats in which it is a pleasure to indulge in hiking trails, hiking the various difficulties they discover treasures such as the Waterfall of Rio Bianco.

So, reach your choice among hotels in Comano Terme and get fascinated by the stunning views, fresh air and oxygen, care by the termal baths and much more.

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