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Salerno, capital city of the province and remarkable trading port of Campania, is situated in the inner section of the gulf of the same name, among the striking Plains of Paestum and the picturesque Amalfi Coast. The economy of the comune (municipality) is essentially based on commerce and the service sector, even though they show flourishing traditional industries within the ceramics and food production and processing sectors. The first human settlements in the area date back to prehistoric times, but the most ancient evidence goes back only to the period between the IX and V centuries BC and concerns the Samnite-Etruscan village of Irna, on the banks of the Irno River that at present runs through the city. In the following centuries, it was first a Roman and then a Byzantine colony, afterwards, a Lombard city, and in Medieval times, Swabian. Once its autonomy was won back in 1590, it was under Bourbon rule until the Italian unification. Many are the artistic attractions and natural landscapes that holidaymakers in Salerno can admire during their stay in this splendid place: the wonderful view of the Trieste Coastline, the characteristic historical quarter and the splendid Minerva’s Garden are just some of the most beautiful and peculiar places. Tourists, who joyfully lodge at the excellent inns and taste the Campania cuisine at the typical local restaurants, show they also appreciate the important architectural and cultural attractions of the city, such as the ancient Arechi Castle, the mighty Cathedral, the spectacular Archaeological Samnite-Etruscan site of Fratte hill, the prestigious Didactic Museum of the Salerno Medical School and the wonderful provincial Art gallery. The International Film Festival, the Minerva’s exhibition, devoted to plants and minerals of every kind, the Fair of the Crucifix and the Linea d’Ombra (Shadow line), a non-competitive section of the Giffoni Film Festival, are among the most important events for which Salerno becomes a mandatory stop for countless visitors.

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