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Positano, comune (municipality) in the province of Salerno with almost 4,000 inhabitants, is one of the most prestigious tourist towns on the Amalfi Coast. Recent archaeological excavations have unearthed an ancient Roman villa, which evidences that back in ancient times many had already realised that the splendid landscape could be exploited to turn the area into a tourist resort. The picturesque local panorama is characterised by the typical staircases, which lead from the top of the city, down to the clear Tyrrhenian waters that captivate visitors from all over the world. Most seaside areas can be reached on foot, as in the case of Fornillo and the Spiaggia Grande (Large Beach). You can also use public means of transport such as the Metrò del mare ferry to reach other beaches like San Pietro Laureto, La Porta and Arienzo. Worth mentioning are the significant cultural and architectural attractions in Positano, such as the medieval Saracen Towers, which were used to alert the population of the arrival of enemy troops, and the Church of Madonna Assunta (dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary), which in previous times was in the hands of Archbishop Orsini, later Pope Benedict XIII. Over the last years, holidaymakers have shown increasing interest in the comparisons between the Montepertuso and Nocelle frazioni (subdivisions), located at the highest points in the comune territory. Among the events that attract visitors to the inns, hotels, restaurants and guest houses distributed in the area are the evenings during the annual music festivalMusica d’Estate” (Summer music), which combines the uniqueness of the panorama and the fascinating melodies performed by exceptional artists.

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