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Palinuro, a tourist centre in the comune (municipality) of Centola in the province of Salerno, is among the most renowned seaside resorts of Cilento. The area extends along the base of the Capo Palinuro promontory, whose place name is traditionally derived from Palinuro, the helmsman of Enea, who, as legend has it, drowned in these splendid waters. This stretch of coast in the region of Campania is characterised by grottos used by the local peoples as houses when the bradyseism had not lowered the level yet. Today many of these grottoes are an appealing attraction for holidaymakers and visitors who every year pack the hotels, inns, bed & breakfast, guest-houses and restaurants in the area: the famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue grotto) is worth mentioning the refraction of sun rays on the stalactite formations makes a fairy-tale setting. Among the landscapes and natural attractions gracing the scenery of Palinuro are the “Archetiello” (Small arch), the Grotta delle Ossa (Bone cave) and the Cala del Buon Dormire (Bay of Good Sleep); finally, an antiquarium on the beach of Ficocella is equipped to collect the finds unearthed from the surrounding necropolis.

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