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Chioggia and surroundings

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Chioggia, a municipality in the Province of Venice, is a picturesque cultural town situated on a group of small islands in the most southern part of the Venice Lagoon. The local economy is mainly based on fishing, on the production of radicchio (red chicory) and on tourism. Since the Roman age the town gained a lot of prestige and its strategic position helped keeping the Barbarians off. Later the town was annexed to the Venetian territories. In the 9th century the town became independent and towards the end of the 14th century played an important role in helping the Serenissima to defeat the city of Genoa. Due to its peculiar urban structure, Chioggia is a miniature of Venice, with many canals and its narrow streets known as calli. The most important architectural and cultural attractions of Chioggia are the Cathedral which houses the famous paintings by Tiepolo, the marvellous Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop's Palace), the historical Public Granary and the majestic Romanesque Tower with the most ancient turret clock in the world. Chioggia is also famous for the seaside resort of Sottomarina, whose sand is used for thalassotherapy treatments.

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