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Lazise is a town situated in the Veneto region on the Eastern Coast of Lake Garda, 23 km far from Verona, in the North-Western part of the region. This little town has a population of around 6,000 inhabitants and its name derives from the Latin word "lacus", from which it comes "lake", due to its particular geographical position. In the 15th century, Lazise became part of the Republic of Venice to which it showed its loyalty. During the Napoleonic period, it was added to the Cisalpine Republic, but after the Congress of Vienna, it returned to the Austrian Empire, together with the rest of the Veneto Region. Finally, in 1866, Lazise was annexed to the territory of the Kingdom of Italy. Laize is a lively tourist centre and offers a great numbers of hotels, restaurants and a camping site managed directly by the town hall. The town is located in a superb position, surrounded by a magnificent natural landscape and every year is visited by many tourists. In the main square of the town are organized several events, such as the Sagra della Madonna della Neve (religious celebration in honour of the Virgin Mary) and the Cuccagna del Cadenon (a pole placed horizontally over the port which the contestants try to walk over).

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