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Sestri Levante and surroundings

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Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante, a municipality in the Province of Genoa, in the Liguria region, lies between the picturesque Baia delle Favole (Fairy Bay) and Baia del Silezio (Silence Bay), near the mouth of Gromolo River. The town is considered one the main seaside resort of Northern Italy. The town was founded by a population called Tigulli and during the Roman age became a flourishing port whose importance continued after the barbarian invasions when the town was annexed to the territory of Genoa. Sestri Levante and the Golfo del Tigullio are visited every year by many tourists cramming the modern accommodation facilities of the Riviera Ligure: the town is one of the most renowned seaside resorts thanks to the beauty of its cliffs, the shiny sea and the first-class services offered in its hotels, inns, bed and breakfast and restaurants. Among the main architectural and cultural attractions there are the famous Torrette, where Guglielmo Marconi begun to conduct his experiments, the unforgettable Galleria Rizzi, housing an exhibition of unique chinaware and the characteristic Chiesa di San Nicolò all'Isola. Among the most characteristic traditional events there are the Fiera di San Giuseppe, the Palio Marinaro del Tigullio and the traditional Barcarolata in August.

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