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Rovigo and surroundings

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Rovigo, a province of the Veneto region situated in the central-northern part of Polesine, shows an irregular development and stands on the low ground between two rivers, Adige River and Po River. The main economic resources of the town are based on industrial activities and agriculture (cereals, fruit and vegetables). After many disputes between the Este dinasty, dukes of Ferrara, and the Bishops of Adria, the town became part of the Venetian territory in the 16th century. After the Treaty of Campoformio, Rovigo was annexed to the Austrian Empire and finally, in 1866, the town became part of the Italian territory. Rovigo shows a hexagonal plan and it is surrounded by walls. The town offers various accommodation facilities such as hotels, guest houses and typical restaurants. Tourists are attracted by the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Rovigo. Among the main historical and religious monuments there are the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Stephen, the Sanctuary of Madonna Pellegrina (also known as "della Commenda"), the Monastery of Olivetani, the Churches of Santa Maria delle Rose and San Francesco, San Bortolo and Santa Maria del Soccorso (or "della Rotonda"), historical buildings such as Palazzo Angeli, Roverella and Silvestri, Torre Donà (Donà Tower), Torre Mozza (known also as Grimani) and Porta San Bortolo. Also interesting are the Museo Civico (Municipal Museum) and the Concordi Academy. In the last years, Rovigo has known a strong tourist development due to the fact that the town has been included in many cultural and environmental initiatives that saw the opening of the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, the creation of a transport hub (Interporto), of the University Centre of Rovigo and the construction of a new exhibition facility, Rovigo Fiere.

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