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Riolo Terme and surroundings

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Riolo Terme

Riolo Terme, a comune (municipality) of about 5,300 inhabitants in the province of Ravenna, extends over the idyllic Romagna hills, just 15 km from Imola. The local economy gets its resources mainly from the famous hot springs in the area. The roots of the city date back to remote times and numerous archaeological finds have shown that the benefits of Riolo Terme’s waters were already known by Romans; however, the ancient fortress where the original village later developed dates back to the XIV century. The role played by Riolo Terme is remarkable, even in more recent times, and its inhabitants’ courage during World War II was worth its inclusion as a Città decorate al Valor Militare per la Guerra di Liberazione (one of the cities that fought till the end for being freed). The thermal centres of Riolo Terme are among the most prestigious spas in Italy: the historical strong care for wellness in the area is extraordinarily expressed by the extremely famous healing properties of its waters rich in sulphur, sodium bromine, iodine and sodium chloride, recommended for those suffering respiratory and gastrointestinal tract disorders.

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