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Recoaro Terme and surroundings

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Recoaro Terme

Situated at the bottom of the Little Dolomites, in the valleys of Conca di Smeraldo and Valle dell'Agno, Recoaro Terme is a little town located in the Veneto region. Thanks to the abundant rainfalls and the calcareous configuration of the surrounding rocks, the town is a well renowned spa resort. Every year, tourists are attracted by the curative powers of its waters, particularly suitable for treating respiratory problems. This lively spa resort offers many cultural events such as the Chiamata di Marzo (traditional festival), the Festa dei Gnochi con la Fioreta (traditional festival), the Festa dell'Acqua (Water festival), the Festa e Rogo della Stria (traditional festival), the Presepio Vivente (living Crèche) and the local Christmas markets at Rondolando. Other interesting sites are the German Bunker, the Museo della Vita del Soldato (Museum of the Army's life), the Museo Paleontologico (Palaeontological Museum) and the Giardino dei Sogni (Dreams' Garden) at Schio. Tourists have at their disposal a wide range of hotels and inns in Recoaro, and can stop at one of the many restaurants. You can arrive at Recoaro by plane (Catullo Airport in Verona and Marco Polo in Venice), by train (stop at Vicenza train station) or by bus.

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