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Hotel Krone
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Hotel Dafne
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Ravenna stands for culture, the mosaic city, an antique city that, 1500 years ago, served as capital city on three occasions: it was the seat of the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric, king of the Goths, of the Byzantine Empire in Europe. The magnificence of that period has left Ravenna with a large legacy of monuments and religious buildings decorated with mosaics that have been declared world heritage by the UNESCO. The beauty of the mosaics and the harmony of its architecture is not everything: in Ravenna you can walk through bell towers and monastic cloisters, from the frescoes in the style of Giotto at Santa Chiara to the baroque apse of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo. Ravenna is Roman, Goth, Byzantine but also Medieval, Venetian and at last modern and contemporary, secular and welcoming, full of events and celebrations of international renown.

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