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Pompei, comune (municipality) of Campania, province of Naples, every year receives thousands of tourists from every corner of the world who come to admire, flabbergasted, the world-famous Archaeological Excavations that have unearthed the amazing ruins of the former Roman city buried in 79 AD by the violent volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The historical roots of the city date back to the VIII century BC, when a first settlement was established and rapidly rendered the area tempting for the neighbouring countries. First conquered by the Etruscans, Pompei then allied with the Greek colonies, to return afterwards under Roman domination, keeping a significant autonomy though. The success and prestige resulting from the oil and wine production brought luxury and affluence to the whole region, so much so that the city became a holiday resort for the most noted Romans of the time, such a Cicero. In 62 AD, the area was devastated by a severe earthquake: rebuilding some constructions had not finished seventeen years later, when the place was struck by one of the most terrible natural disasters in history. It is impossible not to get moved in front of the perfectly preserved ruins of a formidable civilization as it was the Roman one: the tour starts with the obligatory route through the majestic Porta Marina (main entrance) and then continues along the Villa Imperiale (imperial villa), to later admire the Antiquarium (archaeological museum) and the vast Forum. It is quite difficult to draw a full list of the marvels that Pompeii offers holidaymakers and visitors, we just mention some of the myriad of archaeological attractions that are most valued: the massive Temples of Jupiter and Apollo, the well-known Lupanare (brothel), the imposing Teatro Grande (large theatre), the magnificent Terme Centrali (central thermal baths) and the luxury Casa del Fauno (House of the Faun). Spend the night at the excellent hotels and dine at the famous restaurants of Pompeii is one of the best ways to get lost into Ancient History, get filled with the fascination of a city devastated by Nature but at the same time perfectly preserved against the fury of the elements along time.

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