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Pieve Di Cadore

Pieve di Cadore, a Veneto comune (municipality) in the province of Belluno, has a population of almost 4,000 inhabitants and extends along the heart of the homonymous valley in the spectacular stretch of the Dolomites between the Montericco and the Contras Hills. Tourism is one of the main local economic resources. The historical roots of the town go back to the Roman period, but it is surely the Adige Valley culture the one that has significantly influenced the history and traditions of Pieve di Cadore. The city is also famous as the birthplace of the renowned Renaissance painter Tiziano Vecellio, “Titian: it is not by chance that his house is one of the main places of interest in the area. Pieve di Cadore offers holidaymakers and visitors not only the uniqueness of an unspoilt Alpine panorama, but also very interesting artistic, architectural and urban attractions, such as the famous Statue of Tiziano Vecellio made by Antonio Dal Zotto in the town square, the characteristic Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità Cadorina, the prestigious Cadore Museum, the unique Casa Vallenzasca and the charming Parish Church, which houses some of the most beautiful canvases by Titian.

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