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Padua, capital city of the Veneto province, lies on the plains between the Brenta and Bacchiglione rivers. The city, a prestigious university centre, has an economy based mainly on commerce and industry, although the resources derived from tourism are also very important. According to a legend, Padua was founded by the Trojan prince Antenor and the fugitives that arrived here from Asia Minor: a memorial tomb has been erected in Antenor’s honour in the town main square; actually it is the sepulchre of an anonymous warrior of the 3rd century. However, as regards the historical roots of the area, the first urban settlements date back to the ancient paleo-veneto centre of Patavium. It became prestigious and flourishing only hundreds of years later, when it became a free comune in the middle Ages. The places of interest, which make of Paduaa rich town, are very significant. Among them, there is the majestic Basilica of San Antonio, patron saint of the city, the enchanting Eremitani Church, in a Romanesque-gothic style, the famous equestrian statue of Gattamelata, a well-known Venetian leader, and the extremely famous Scrovegni Chapel, a major work of 14th century Italian art. The formidable medieval Castle, the monumental Caffè Pedrocchi, the spectacular Palazzo della Ragione and the prestigious Battistero (Baptistery) are also worth mentioning. Finally, some of the events and exhibitions most appreciated by tourists, who every year show how much they love Paduan beauty- the annual Week of the scientific and technological culture, as well as the famous Trade Fair and the typical Sherwood Festival are of great importance; not to forget the World country roller marathon, international competition of roller skating, and the popular Fair of San Antonio.

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