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A famous seaside resort, Numana is one of the most peculiar towns of the middle Adriatic Coast. Rising near Mount Conero, Numana is a maze of steep narrow alleys that lead rapidly right down to the little port. The townlet is made up of two rioni (districts): Numana Alta and Numana Bassa. Numana Alta is the oldest part of the town, with its houses built in white limestone. The area is a maze of narrow alleyways surrounding the tower and the Episcopal Palace, nowadays the town hall, on Piazza del Santuario, next to the modern Church housing the Crucifix of Numana, one of the most remarkable masterpieces of the Christian culture. Numana Bassa is the most modern part of the town where the leisure port is situated, one of the best leisure ports in Italy. Go past the port and you arrive at Marcelli, the area where hotels and other accommodation facilities are situated. Marcelli is also famous for its pulsing nightlife: in fact, it is here that visitors come to spend the toughest part of the day. Tourists are attracted by this mixture of ancient and modern. There are also historical monuments and churches to be visited in Numana, but you will be enchanted by the natural landscape, by its lovely promontories, its paths suspended above the coast and its unspoilt nature. At present, Numana has a population of around 3,500 inhabitants and a surface area of 10 square km, with a density of 330 inhabitants per sq km.

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