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Falconara Marittima and surroundings

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Falconara Marittima

The city of Falconara Marittima is located on the Adriatic Sea coast between Ancona, Camerana, Picena, Chiaravalle and Montemarciano. Crossed by the Esino River, this little town is almost entirely on a flat land but surrounded by several hills, being Barcaglione the highest (204 m.). Falconara Marittima is an important railway junction; in fact, it is the current railway connection with Rome. Regarding Culture, Falconara is actually home to the “Amici della cultura” (friends of the culture) association, founded in 1975. In 1977, this association created the Falconara tourist guide and in 1989, in collaboration with the commune, it released the "Falconara, History and Images" book. Another initiative was to trace and collect photographs and images from 1800 to 1970. Tourists can also visit the “Biblioteca Francescana e Picena” (the Franciscan and Picene Library), which has about 20,000 brochures and books and keeps quite a few photographic archives and collections, gathered from documents dating from Medieval times and coming from the Marche territory. Another Falconara association is the "Insieme all'Opera", which was born out of the inspiration of the soprano Ornella Bonomelli, who is precisely its artistic director. Its aim is to promote and encourage the opera, spreading all its historical values to demonstrate that by explaining this it is easy to attract spectators of all ages. As to its Attractions, Falconara Marittima has the “Parco Zoo di Falconara” (Falconara zoo park), which is located on a hill 1 km away from Falconara. From there, thanks to its panoramic position, tourists can admire a panoramic view of the Gulf that stretches over a surface of about 60 km. from Ancona to Pasaro. The zoo was founded in 1968 and today it is part of the Italian Union of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums. Tourists, coming even in organised tours, from all thinkable countries of origin, visit this park. It has 60,000 m2 devoted to animals only; whereas the remaining 9,000 m2 are intended as parking lots, and the other 5,000 m2 are rest and recreational areas with picnic zones. The zoological park obviously has a Bar, a Sandwich bar and a Playroom. Falconara has approximately 29,000 inhabitants and it stretches over 25 km2 with a density of 1,126 persons per km.

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