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With around 50,000 inhabitants, Cuneo is the capital city of the Province of Cuneo in the Piedmont region. Cuneo is strategically located, guarding the Tenda and Maddalena passes linking Piedmont to southern France. The city is also renowned for its agricultural and zootechnic products as well as for the surrounding pinewood and Alpine valleys. Cuneo has developed into two different urban sections: one on a plateau in the wedge formed by the confluence of the Stura di Demonte and the Gesso rivers, and the new town towards the southwest with wide straight streets that branch off from Piazza Galimberti - which is host to the city market every Tuesday - and from Corso Nizza with monumental arcades. Still today, it is not easy to reach Cuneo in logistic terms. In fact, it cannot be reached from the motorway and the city main access road is Soleri Viaduct, which was built in times of Mussolini in 1934. The bridge is also sadly known as “The Suicide Bridge” due to the great number of people who decided to end their lives by jumping from here. High fences have now been constructed in order to prevent such acts. Other interesting monuments in Cuneo: Museo Civico (City Museum) with its beautiful tower and cloister, Via Roma and the Duomo (Cathedral), the historical district with its Contrada Mondovì and San Francesco Church, Piazza Galimberti, Corso Nizza with its monumental arcades full of stores, Viale degli Angeli, Fressia Gardens, Parco della Resistenza, Corso Dante Gardens, the Angels Sanctuary with its wonderful view, San Giacomo Chapel, Piazza foro boario (old cattle market square).

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