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Europa Monetti Lifestyle Design Hotel
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Cattolica, a beautiful town, the ideal place for your holidays, with a great number of hotels, inns, guest houses, B&B, residential hotels and flats; each of them providing high quality service. Cattolica is the last city in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Bordering the Marche region, it is a famous town and one of the most popular ones due to its charm and the great care and continuous upgrading of tourist facilities. Cattolica is today a consolidated tourist resort thanks to our cordiality and hospitality, features that have turned our city into a well-established reality throughout the years. Along the elegant inner promenade full of wide green spaces, tourists can enjoy long walks and admire the many small shops that open in the morning and do not close until late in the evening. Cattolica has been defined as "Regina" (the Queen) and its three main representative sights are the Harbour, the historical centre and obviously the tourist area. Another important ingredient that contributes to the city’s success is its cuisine, always first class both here and in the whole Emilia-Romagna region. There is a wide range of options open to those who like eating out; you can choose a first-class elegant ristorante to enjoy a candlelit supper or a traditional trattoria (informal restaurant and bar serving Italian dishes). Hundreds of lights and music in our lively piazza plus the discotheques and nightclubs that you can find just around the corner make evenings at Cattolica always teeming with life. Cattolica offers a great variety of services, both day and night; you can go to the open-air cinema, pubs and live concerts, amusement arcades, mini-golf, not to mention the countless shows organised always thinking about tourists. Museum lovers can visit the Polivalente Cultural Centre in Cattolica; and if you are fond of concerts and shows, visit the Piazza della Reppubblica (Republic Square) or the Teatro della Regina (Queen’s Theatre) instead. Another main attraction is without doubt Le Navi (The Ships) Theme park located North of Cattolica, at Porto Verde. There is a huge aquarium where you can admire all kinds of fish- from sharks to dolphins. New tanks are added every year at Le Navi Theme park to be able to house more fish species. For years now and to their delight, tourists have been renting tandem bicycles, or rickshaws for more sophisticated tastes; there are also electric scooters, and if you want to move around even faster, 50 and 150 cc scooters are also available for rent.

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