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Bassano Del Grappa and surroundings

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Bassano Del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a Venetian comune (municipality) strategically located at the base of the Vicenza Alps, from where the main cities of the region, Veneto, Verona and Padova, can be easily reached. Its territory extends up to the bordering frazioni (subdivisions) of Marchesine and Rubbio. The earliest human traces in the area, discovered in the Necropolis of San Giorgio di Angarano, date back to XI century BC. However, it was necessary to wait 900 years for the Roman colonization under Bassianus, a small land owner. During the Middle Ages, the territory was under different rulers due to its advantageous geographical position. However, it was not until 1404 under the ruling of La Serenissima (Most Serene Republic of Venice) that it reached a long-lasting and peaceful prosperity. By the Treaty of Campo Formio the territory passed to Austria, and became part of the Kingdom of Lombardy - Venetia in the Restoration period. It became part of Italy in 1866 after the Third Independence War. The tourists, who every year are warmly welcomed in Bassano del Grappa excellent hotels and elegant ristoranti, greatly appreciate the city's architectural and cultural attractions, like the paintings by Renaissance painter Jacopo dal Ponte called Bassano, which are kept in the Museo Civico (Town Museum), and the striking local churches like the parish churches of Santissima Trinità and Santa Lucia.

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