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Hotel Village - Aosta
Hotel Village - Aosta
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Hotel Village
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Hostellerie du Cheval Blanc
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Aosta is the capital of the Valle d’Aosta (Aosta Valley) autonomous region. This city rises right at the centre of the region, built at the confluence of the Dora Baltea River and the Buthier stream. From ancient times, Aosta has been an important transport junction, due to the Little and Great St. Bernard Alpine pass routes (now, also due to the presence of the Mont Blanc and the Great St. Bernard Tunnels) After a 20-minute trip by cable railway, it is possible to reach the mountain up to the Pila’s sky-lift facilities, where tourists can spend the day enjoying varied summer and winter mountain sports. Its Roman origin dates back to the Augusta Praetoria times, which brought in the walled town octagonal layout, the Arch of Augustus, the Porta Praetoria (Praetorian Gate), the Roman Theatre, the Cathedral and the Roman Forum, and the Collegiate Church of St. Orso, with its wonderful cloister. Inside there are still 39 of the 52 capitals made of white marble with diverse subjects and scenes from the lives of Jesus and the Apostles, extracted from the Old Testament, a weird example of “poetry in marble”. Many medieval towers can be visited. Here are just some of them: Torre del Lebbroso (Leper’s Tower), Tour Neuve, Tour du Pailleron, Tower or Castle of Bramafan, Tour du Baillage, Tour Fromage and the Torre dei Signori di Quart (Castle of the Lords of Quart), some of these towers are now the seats of art exhibitions. The Archaeological Museum exhibits many archaeological findings. Piazza Chanoux is the heart of the city of Aosta.

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